Kevin Rowe


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I am a experienced and successful leader of teams with a passion for business process improvement through organizational and people development.
I have spent 23 years working in Hospitality with the last 12 years focused on Hotel AV & Event Technology for Meetings and Events with three of Vancouver's largest hotel properties.

I am loyal and dedicated with a strong sense of team. I deeply value keeping commitments. Honestly and proudly serving others with a true hospitality spirit are held in high regard.
I focus on shared goals and results. I am genuine in my pursuit of doing the right thing.
I seek performance feedback, I welcome opportunities to improve. I own mistakes and am driven to learn from them. I am open and candid.
I believe in taking calculated risks. I am continually seeking change but only where change can likely contribute to the betterment of the team.
I love new technologies and driving innovation, even in the smallest of places while remembering that people should drive the change. We need to remain aware that technology should not change us.

Primary Industry Served

  • Event Design and Production