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  • Register NOW for the Pre-Rendezvous Noir Party!

    Don’t forget to RSVP for the Pre-rendezvous NOIR party. It’s going to be the main WEC event to network and connect with other Black Meeting Professionals!

    Register to attend the Pre-Rendezvous Noir gathering on Tuesday, May 21, 7pm to 9pm at Black Jockey Lounge.

    The gathering will happen just steps away from where Rendezvous will take place at 9pm until 12midnight.

    This event is made possible by NCBMP, Black in Travel, Visit Richmond, Nicole Hayden Friends of Nicole, Grow with Zomo, and Tech Factory (owned by one of our very own MPI BMP Council Members, Ricardo Hicks). 

    The link is below.

    We look forward to having a good time with you on Tuesday. 

  • WEC 2024 - Black Meeting Professionals Community (BMP)

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you are all doing well. We are ramping up for WEC 2024!! A few things in preparation:

    1) If you are attending WEC 2024, please email your cell number, at (yes Yahoo, okkkkay, lol). At WEC 23' BMP created a WhatsApp group. It is to insure that all of the sessions lead by/created by/and that include Black professionals are SUPPORTED by us! We send daily 'reminders' of all of those sessions. 

    2) The BMP Community session is on Wednesday, May 22nd  at 12:15p-1:00p. Please register for the session so MPI Global knows that these are useful sessions to us. Last year's session felt AMAZING! This year, we are continuing that same energized feeling of being encouraged, supported and learning things to improve our careers, and soooo much MORE. 

    3) We will be co-hosting a social event on Tuesday, May 21, 7-9pm. The RSVP will be opening soon. Make sure to come network with other Black professionals off-site. I will post the flyer here soon.