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  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Hey, all MPI Oregon members, if you are planning on attending the Sports ETA event in Portland this week. I met Rachel several years ago when she first joined MPI. We were both at IMEX Las Vegas that year and she joined the MPI SBO Community. She is ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Hi Leslie, My name is Angela Cava, I work for innoVia Productions. We are a AV - Production company that specializes in Medical Meetings. I believe you would find value in working with us as we can save you time & dollars to your bottom line. Our ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Any MPI members heading to the Sports Events & Tourism Association (Sports ETA) Symposium in Portland this week? Sharing the HipMap for the conference, packed with locals' favorite hot spots and hidden gems, as well as where to be when for the week's ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    We use Technical Media Solutions quite a bit in the US, UK and Mexico. Small company that does a great job and works with the budget. Josh Grassi CEO Josh@TechnicalMediaSolutions.com ------------------------------ Kathleen Kaden -------------- ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Hi Leslie. I highly recommend the above company – Conference Technologies, Inc. They have traveled with us in all our 3 annual State Conferences and State Inaugural for 4 years now. They handle the AV needs for our Main Session room for the 3 streamed ...

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