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  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    We are hosting a group of people next month in Detroit and are looking for a service that can transport 14 people from location to location over two days. Can anyone recommend a company or two I can reach out to? ------------------------------ Beth ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    Hello, Looking for a florist recommendation for a corporate event close to the venue. Location is the Hilton Boston Park Plaza. ------------------------------ Ryan Dawson Fuerman Senior Project Manager Poretta & Orr ------------------------------

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    I am pleased to let this group know that my book "Twist the Familiar" was just published last week. I am confident that folks in this group will get a lot out of the compelling stories and lessons from my own experiences and those of many others -- ...

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    SBO Connects - July

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Come join us for our next SBO Connects! Theme: Holistic Harmony: Discovering Wellness Within When: Jul 17, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (PT); 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM We will discuss: Benefits of wellness for your business & for you Healthy ...

  • Posted in: All Member Forum

    What strategies have you found most effective for navigating challenges in event planning? Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with several seasoned event professionals, and it was great to hear their real-life experiences and insights. ...

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