Chapter and Membership Advisory Council (CMAC)

  • 1.  Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 05,2024 02:15 PM

    Hello CMAC members, 

    If you have five minutes over the next 48 hours we need some input on a project.  

    In past meetings we talked about the need for our Chapter Leaders to gain access to top rated speakers that have been at other chapters.  This desire has also popped up as a 2024 goal for many of our Regional Councils as well.  

    Here is a link to an online form we have created to capture the necessary speaker data.

    Task #1: Go to your home chapter website and copy/paste any upcoming speaker data from the upcoming events page.  If your chapter doesn't have one listed, hit the Past Events page.  This is just TEST DATA at this point.

    Link to online Form 

     Task #2: Reply to this chain with any necessary data fields we should ADD or REMOVE or UPDATE.

    This project is still in discussion so I kindly ask that you keep conversation limited to current CMAC members only.

    Thank you!

    Timothy A. Gunn
    Director of Chapter Operations
    Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

  • 2.  RE: Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 05,2024 02:56 PM

    I just submitted one for the Carolinas Chapter using the February meeting information. I think all the fields/questions are good, I just didn't know some of the answers since I wasn't involved with the education.




    Molly Johnson, CMP-Fellow, SEP, QAS

    Director of Convention Sales

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  • 3.  RE: Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 05,2024 03:42 PM

    This is a great tool. Just a few thoughts...

    • Consider adding cost (perhaps a drop down with a range) I am sure this is sensitive one but helpful for Chapter Leaders 
    • Consider having a drop down for some general topics to easily categorize when this data sorts to a list and then have a session title below that. 
    • How do we assure this is truly a list of top-rated speakers and not just a tool to promote any speaker? 

    Liz Hogan
    Senior Sales Manager
    Embassy Suites by Hilton St. Augustine Beach Oceanfront Resort

  • 4.  RE: Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 05,2024 03:50 PM

    Great tool and just tested it out.  Maybe there is a way where only certain board members of a chapter can submit.  Is there an option to add an overall score and or feedback from the chapter as I know most of us send out post surveys.  This may help with just anyone being able to add a speaker.



    Elizabeth McKenna, CMP, CED

    Sr. Shows & Events Manager – CND and American Crew


    REVLON l Jacksonville, FL

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    Email: Elizabeth.McKenna@...


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    Past President-  Meeting Professionals International, North Florida Chapter

    Committee Member- Meeting Professionals International, Chapter Member Advisory Council (CMAC)


  • 5.  RE: Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 06,2024 08:40 AM

    Much needed tool. I feel like there used to be a portal for this type of thing. Am I dreaming that?

    Agreed with other commenters. 

    • Can we add contact info for who is entering in case we need to ask direct questions about the speaker? For ex VP of Ed, etc.
    • Love idea of adding pricing OR opportunity to add a price range (drop down?)

    Nicole Keshler
    National Sales Manager
    Visit Raleigh

  • 6.  RE: Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 06,2024 09:10 AM

    It would be nice to know what the speaker charged, if that wouldn't be problematic. 

    Kelley Douglass
    Global Sales Manager
    Hosts Global

  • 7.  RE: Test data needed and feedback

    Posted Mar 06,2024 02:26 PM

    I'd also include a filed to share their website or perhaps YouTube recording of the speaker.

    Have an Amazing day!