Gerrit Jessen, CMP CMM CED

GJ Communication & Management GmbH

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GJ Communication & Management GmbH



Experienced Professional with 25+ years of entrepreneurial and leadership expertise strategically growing, managing and training companies, associations and institutions in the Global Meetings Industry.

MPI Accredited Trainer
Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
Certification in Meeting Management (CMM)
Certified Event Designer (CED)

What drives me:
LEADING with a volunteer SPIRIT and an entrepreneurial MINDSET
Listen to understand, not to answer.
Don’t motivate, create a self-motivating environment.
There is work in networking.
No risk, no failure, no gain.
With contemplation comes inspiration.

On a personal note I am #Traveller #USofAFan #Motorbikedriver #Whatifthinker #Capetownlover #JansFather #MartinasHusband #Usedomlover #Amrumfan #SMARTdriver #Glashalffulltype #BorninHamburg

Primary Industry Served

  • Event Design and Production