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I have been in my current position for over four years. I started with Caterpillar in 1998 as a part time employee working for what is now Caterpillar University. I have had several internal job moves within the company gaining experiencing in logistics, business development, manufacturing processes, SixSigma, and meeting planning.

I have done event planning outside of Caterpillar for other companies as well and am blessed I am able to continue with my passion for this type of work with Caterpillar.

Our group is involved in events in every part of the company, both domestically and internationally. I have managed events in such countries as Brazil, Germany, India, China and Japan. I also work all over the United States and have a broad understanding of my field. However, I learn something new every day! It's an exciting part of this evolves and there are always new and different ways to execute events.

I love what I do and Caterpillar is a wonderful company to do it for.