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Growing up I spent a lot of time skiing in New England. I loved the landscape…the rolling hills, small New England towns, and those old large white farmhouses with the red doors. No matter where I was in my life, those red doors have never faded from my memory.

As I grew older, I was introduced to both events and hospitality. Events through my mother’s endless volunteer work and hospitality through part-time jobs. By my sophomore year in college I decided to leave Syracuse University and my previously chosen career path of communications, for one in hotel and restaurant management. My dream, a bed and breakfast in an old white farmhouse with a red door. A transfer to the University of Denver’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is where I landed to lay the foundation to start making my dream come true. I do often get asked why not just transfer to Cornell, a mere hour away from Syracuse….my rebuttal – skiing in Colorado or upstate New York, which would you chose?

During my time at the University of Denver, certain factors derailed me from making it back east after graduation as I had planned. A slower pace of life, a more affordable standard of living, an abundance of outdoor activities, no humidity, and an endless amount of blue sky and sunshine! I settled into my career first on the hotel side and then making the switch over to meetings and events. Quickly falling in love with what the industry had to offer and the people I got to meet and work with.  I was happy with my choice and soon bought a home. I figured if nothing else I could buy a house and paint the front door red and host all my friends from back east. One mistake, I should have read the HOA rules on having a red door before signing on the dotted line.  

Twenty-some years later I was in a fortunate enough position to start my own meeting management firm. I decided I wanted my company to include all the positive aspects from the various positions I had held, what I truly enjoyed about our industry, as well as life experiences that impacted me most. Through this exercise, the name Red Door Alliances, Unlock Your Events Potential came to life.  My red doors are not exactly how I imagined all those years ago…but they mean just as much.   

In between events, volunteering for my local MPI Chapter, the University of Denver, the Colorado Society of Association Executives, and the Business Marketing of Colorado  I enjoy yoga, skiing, hiking, and softball.